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Collect all the Squishmallow soft toys in every size from mini to large. From super cute animals to Disney plushies – we have all the lovable characters at unbeatable prices.

Squishmallows Monopoly Game
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Squishmallows Plush Pencil case
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Squishmallows Pencil Case
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Squishmallows Friendship Stationery Set
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Squishmallows Plush Notebook
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Squishmallows A5 Project Book
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Squishmallows 16 Inch Donan the Dodo Plush
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Squishmallows Food Mix 12" Plush Assortment
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Meet Squishmallows - The Squishiest and Sweetest Plush Toys

Squishmallows are the most huggable soft toys! For collecting, snuggling, and squishing - there are over one thousand cute Squishmallows to collect. From mini animals to large whimsical creatures, they're fantastic for children aged 3 years and over. With limited editions and seasonal surprises, let us tell you about them all…

Shop Squishmallows by Size

The most common Squishmallow sizes you'll find are:

  • Mini and Small Squishmallows (7.5-12 inches) - The smallest size available is typically around 7.5 inches, these make the perfect compact companion for little hands.
  • Medium Squishmallows (16 inches) - Whether you're a collector or a child new to the Squishmallow craze, these lovable plushies aren't just for show; they're great for cuddling, decorating a space, or even a cosy pillow.
  • Large Squishmallows (20 inches) - With their generous size, these squishmallows offer the most amount of squishy goodness to hug and cuddle for kids and adults.

No matter what size you choose, their super-soft fabric and gentle touch make them ever so comforting. And don't worry, many of them are machine washable – just check their care label.

Popular Squishmallows Characters to Collect

Meet Coleen, the purple chameleon, Ximena the Winking Mango, and Lamar, the friendly blue whale shark. They are just waiting to be squished. There's also Adela, the adorable basset hound. With her long ears and heart-melting eyes, she's the ideal snuggle buddy for any dog lover. You'll also find Hello Kitty Squishmallows - this iconic character brings nostalgic charm to your collection. Plus, squishable stationary sets that add a touch of cuddliness to your workspace or school bag.

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Your Favourite Disney Squishmallows Characters

You can embark on an undersea adventure with the lovable Nemo Squishmallow. Join Buzz Lightyear Squishmallow on intergalactic missions and beyond. Or perhaps you'd like to visit the Star Wars universe with the BB-8 plush. Each character is a must-have for any Disney fan!

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Shopping at Bargain Max

You can find all of your favourite Squishmallows at the best prices around and spread the cost with our range of Buy Now Pay Later options such as Klarna and Clearpay. There's also free UK delivery over £9.99 and 10% off your first order!

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