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Shadow High Dolls

Uncover the allure of fashion and mystery with our Shadow High dolls. These unique creations seamlessly blend style and charisma, making them a standout addition to the world of fashion dolls. So, collect them all, and let the shadows inspire you today.

Types Of Shadow High Dolls

With Season 3 released in September 2023, there’s more to learn about our favourites from the darker halls of Shadow High than ever before. With favourites like Shanelle Onyx, Ash Silverstone, Karla Choupette, and Rexx McQueen, each doll comes with a captivating outfit that reflects its charm.

Our Shadow High collectables are your passport to this captivating universe. Each doll embodies the perfect fusion of style and mystique, a combination that sets them apart in the world of fashion dolls. Their outfits are a true reflection of their enigmatic personalities, and with every wardrobe change, you're delving deeper into their intriguing stories.

But the fun doesn't stop at fashion. These dolls are here to inspire creativity and imaginative play. Whether it's crafting their narratives, arranging fashion shows across different playsets, or simply letting them take the spotlight on your shelf, the Shadow High dolls bring a sense of enchantment and allure to your playtime. Step into their world, where the darkness isn't something to fear, but a canvas for creativity!

Shadow High vs Rainbow High Dolls

What happens when two incredible worlds collide? Magic! Our Rainbow High Dolls aren't just about individual charm; they're your gateway to exciting crossover episodes with the Rainbow High crew. Imagine the fashion-forward adventures that await as these two worlds blend in unexpected and delightful ways.

With Shadow High toys in tow, your Rainbow High characters are about to embark on new, captivating narratives. Mix and match their outfits, stage fashion showdowns, or let your imagination run wild as these two worlds intertwine. It's a recipe for endless fun, friendship, and fashion. So, gear up for a crossover like no other, where the only limit is your imagination!

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