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We've launched our own Telegram group to keep you informed of all of our latest product deals and discount codes right to your phone!


How to join in 3 easy steps

  1. Download telegram onto your phone
  2. Create your free account and then come back to this page
  3. Join the group!


What is Telegram?

Telegram is a multi-platform messaging service (Similar to Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp) with an estimated 200 million monthly users. 

It's an app like WhatsApp that you can either download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store - after that you'd install it on your device.

It's much faster than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger so you'd be receiving our deals faster than anybody else!

Did I mention that's also FREE?!


How do I get Telegram?

Head over to the Telegram website here and choose which version you need such as Iphone or Android and install it on your device.


What now?

Once you've installed Telegram on your phone you'd need to come back to this page and join our deal group by clicking here and then pressing join. 


What can I expect from the BargainMax Telegram group?

We will be posting weekly (or sometimes daily) offers and discount codes exclusively to the group so you'd always be notified of a bargain or price drop.